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Can I Resolve My Astigmatism with LASIK?

If you’re living with the blur of astigmatism and wish there was a way to see better without glasses or contacts, LASIK may be your solution. Learn more about this popular procedure and how it can reveal the details your eyes have been missing.

Nov 21st, 2018
Can You Prevent Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness in the United States. Protect your eyes from glaucoma by having regular eye exams and keeping your blood pressure under control.

Jul 5th, 2018
Could a New Medication Be Affecting Your Vision?

You’re doing everything right: you take your medications as advised, and your symptoms are improving. Then you notice that your eyes are sensitive or your vision is blurry. Could your medications be causing your vision problems?

Jun 22nd, 2018
Unexpected Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Surgery is a safe, effective way to remove cataracts from your eyes and restore clearer vision. But eliminating cataracts isn’t the only advantage of cataract surgery. Here are some other benefits that cataract surgery can deliver.

Aug 7th, 2018